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We’re your Local SEO solutions provider located in Austin Tx, we offer SEM/ SEO Marketing at reasonable prices. Our devotion keeps us striving for excellence and it shows in our work. If you’re searching for Austin SEO Experts with integrity, commitment and dedication to success you’ve come to the right place. We are an Austin original with proven results.

Our Services Include:

WordPress SEO & Design, Content Creation, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Video Prod., Custom Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Consulting & Training.

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Born and raised in Austin, James  Martinez owns and operates Aswan SEO Service, part of Aswan Creations, “The Creative Outlet” for unifying endeavors. James truly has a diverse background in many things. His love & dedication to helping others comes thru in every project.

SEO requires a lot of knowledge from onpage onsite configuration, content writing to both internal and external link-building, Aswan SEO can help with all things related to digital marketing, we’re your local SEO experts based right here in Austin Texas.

Through the years we’ve gotten well versed in achieving great results online. If you’re interested in obtaining a presence for your business, reach out and let us show you just how effective we are.


Our vision

  • Our goal is to help as many brands & businesses in need of top placement. We know the challenge in obtaining an online presence, we offer professional Search Engine Marketing expertise.
  • For us to be effective starts with great service and next level strategy, as well as every technical consideration, all of which comes from years of learning. This in turn allows for our relationships and professional practices to shine.


Its true, SEM is an art form and there are so many facets for it to work, its important to understand requisite and criteria. We know websites configured properly get us to the front page of Google. Understanding great placement is what we’re building our reputation on.

We also understand a well-informed person makes for the best decisions that’s why we educate all of our clients with the SEO process. From start to finish we keep you informed. Your goal is online placement and exposure and we want to help you.

We know many claim to be experts; we realize the challenge in choosing the right place for success. This is one of the main reasons why we show progress with measurable results. We’re truly a reliable company, doing what we say and saying what we mean. Its our faith that keeps us reaching out for excellence, this in-turn shows in our work.

If you’re searching for The Austin SEO Company with true integrity and commitment to your success, then you’ve come to the right place. We increase your online presence helping you achieve the kind of success you’re dreaming of.

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Austin SEO

Austin SEO

OnSite OnPage config, server and security. KW Optimization. rich content, Htags: meta-titles. Images and alt attributes: + Content relevance per page. Everything for SEO to work. Learn about our SEO

Custom WordPress


We create WP sites with front-end functionality, Social Media Blogging – Daily Content Development, Business Sites, Fundraising, Forums, E commerce or Affiliate Storefronts Learn about WordPress.

Google My Business

Austin SEO

We offer 3 levels of GMB – 90 days, 120 days, 180 days – (Respectively) Each GMB campaign will place your business online, the greater the effort the greater the results. Read more about Local GMB SEO

SEO in Austin,
Aswan SEO Service

One of the newest SEO Services in Austin. Aswan SEO came forth from years of research and development. Being around custom site design and SEO for over a decade we worked at honing our skills till we began offering our service professionally. Our experience comes through in our efforts!

SEO Service in Austin

Thinking out of the box

Because we think outside the box, we keep coming up with innovative and creative ways to market online. We strive to exceed all your expectations and we’ve managed to help others just like you more than quadruple.