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Need Local GMB SEO? Aswan SEO creates and optimizes Google Local Business. We configure/ implement GMB for any local business listing in any city nationwide. We offer 3 different levels.

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How Do I Get a Local SEO Google Business Listing?

Getting a business listing is relatively simple, claim your business then verify with Google. Its the SEO configuration part that can be a challenge. 

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Aren’t Local GMB Listings Free?

Google My Business is free for businesses. By verifying and editing your online information, you can both help customers find you and tell them your story. Claim yours; or call us and let us help you get prominently listed.

How Google Local GMB SEO Works

90, 120, or 180 day campaigns available. Our SEO team creates and then implements intricate strategy for each listing, then we adjust and modify until we achieve the best results for your industry/ niche.


We claim your listing and fill in your information. As a GMB SEO provider we work out the best category and update all info regarding your company. We modify and upload high-resolution Geo-tagged images. We ensure all (NAP) info is correct and accurately matches the information on your site and across various directory listings. While this step may seem basic, most incorrectly label their listing and mismatch info from their website.


Once you’ve claimed your GMB we verify your location. This process is a twopart verification. Google sends a PIN snail mail that’s used to verify you’re the business owner at that address. We enter the PIN & verify your listing. Google ensures all listings are created this way to prevent fraudulent identities from claiming business as theirs. We offer geographic assistance for any home business seeking local GMB in any given Metro.


Services allows for you to add products or services to your GMB listing. Some businesses don’t fit into any particular category. This is resolved through proper use of relevant key phrases & keywords. Its also a good way to highlight your products or services. Consumers who search specifically for what you have will be drawn to your GMB listing because your optimized listing shall communicate trustworthiness, as well as relevance.

  1. POSTS

Frequent posts are useful as your online presence grows, developing a following can be especially helpful when holding events or offering discounts. The post section allows a spotlight on products or services. Also, its a great way of standing out in Google search. Each post can be up to 300 words and can include a photo or call to action. In case of events, there’s an option to place a calendar that works in conjunction with your daily calendar.


Reviews aren’t that new a feature but our top-notch (GMB) local SEO can help your business stand out in the crowd, especially with our well-placed SEO strategies. We actively cultivate reviews asking all of your customers for feedback and we suggest quick response to your reviews, as they are a crucial part of your online reputation. We encourage keyword rich content which works hand in hand with OnPage/OnSite SEO.


Since 2018, Google has allowed users to add 30-second videos regarding their GMB listing. Videos are one of the best ways to attract prospective customers. We strive to do this as part of every GMB profile because this provides an excellent opportunity to convey your business to potential customers and clients. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, at Aswan SEO we know how to paint the perfect picture for your business.

Basic GMB

90 DAYS – 499.00

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Advanced GMB

120 days – 999.00


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Next Level GMB

180 days – 1499.00


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